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Designed to simplify routine business processes and increase production efficiency.
A roadmap describes and verifies each step of the process in detail, from the first contact to the completion of the project.

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Our structured method in processes to ensure quality in production, speed of execution and competitiveness

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  • Request for quotation by the customer.
  • The Sales Manager meets the Project Manager (PM) and Account Manager to work on a delivery plan, and appointing the Dubbing Director (DD).
  • The Sales Manager sends the quote to the Customer.
  • The project gets the go-ahead from the Customer and enters the Customer Management System.

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  • SM confirms the Project to the competent PM and presents the Account to the Customer.
  • The account contacts the client to ask for possible editorial guidelines, specifications and ETAs for incoming assets (and shares them with CTO and PM).
  • PM gets in touch with the selected Translator/Adapter, confirms the Project to the DD and informs him/her of the Client’s editorial guidelines.
  • Incoming assets are checked and the Account informs the Client.

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  • PM and DD check possible recurring/established voices.

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  • DD chooses the cast and informs the PM, who has to give his/her approval (if the Client needs live casting, specific sessions are set up and the files are sent to the Client by Account).

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  • PMs and Accounts plan the recording sessions.

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  • The Account shares the schedule of recording sessions with the Client and SM.

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Verification Process

  • The Account receives the Italian script from the Adaptor and, if necessary, sends it to the Client for final verification.
  • PM ensures that the entire programme is closely followed by the team.
  • The Account is constantly in contact with the Client to keep him/her updated on the status of the project.

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  • After the voice recording phase, the editing process begins.
  • Once the editing is finished, based on the input received, the mixing phase begins.
  • If graphics need to be localized, the Video Dept. creates all graphics elements.
  • The video operator generates the localized audio-video master.
  • All contents are checked before delivery to the Client.

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